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Guitar Amplifier - Portable Music Station – STAMP3

The AMP3 micro-amplifier music playing system is the most versatile instrument amplifier and speaker system you will ever purchase. It can be used as an instrument amp with 4 great amp sounds - Clean, Hot Tube, Over Drive, & High Gain with an expander control that effects the tone of your guitar from warm and rich to bright with heavy undertones. Connect the included extension speaker for an even bigger sound or plug in your favorite set of headphones for quiet operation. You can connect your MP3 player, CD player or computer to the input on the back and use the AMP3 as external speakers for great sound. Plug in your guitar and play along with your favorite songs and there is even a line out on the back so you can record as you play along or just lay down a great guitar track. The built in tuner will easily keep your guitar in tune. The provided AC adaptor will keep you playing all night long, but if you want to take your music on the road just pop a 9V battery in the am...

Wireless Microphone – STM7000MW

Looking to take you vocals to the next level? Then this wireless is the answer for you. Extremely reliable two antenna (true-diversity) UHF system ensure virtually no dropouts. The high quality dynamic microphone will give you accurate and crystal clear vocal reproduction. Great also for business and professional use, need the flexibility to have a microphone where you need it without the worry of cables? You can pass this microphone around during meetings with ease.

Wireless Guitar System – ST7000GW

Want to have the freedom to move around as you play? This high quality VHF guitar wireless system gives you just that. Simply place the transmitter to your belt or guitar strap, plug it to your guitar with the provided cable, connect the receiver to your amplifier and rock all around the stage. No more messy tangled cables to worry about.

Wireless Microphones For AL-series portable speakers – STM41W

These rugged wireless mics work with both the AL12R and AL1RW.

Wireless Microphones For AL-series portable speakers – STM43H

These rugged wireless mics work with both the AL12R and AL1RW.

Portable Passive Companion Speaker For AL-series portable speakers – XL1R

The SoundTech XL1R is a portable passive companion speaker exclusively designed to work with SoundTech's AL1R and AL12R portable PA systems. The XL1R has a similar size, shape, and has the same appearance as the AL1RW and AL12R. It is rated at 100 watts. It has a 10-inch woofer and Piezo tweeter.

Power Amplifier – STX200

The SoundTech STX200 is a 200 watt passive power amplifier whose convection cooling and speaker surge protection make it ideal for studio use! The SoundTech STX200 is a 200-watt high performance power amplifier whose sophisticated cooling and surge protection systems offer complete protection against DC faults, short circuits and thermal overheating. Complete protection for both the STX200 and any speakers to which it is connected, in addition to low weight (19 lbs.) and quiet fan operation, make this unit a Passive Power Amp, perfect for monitor and studio use. The STX200 also features versatile inputs that allow connection via balanced XLR connectors or unbalanced 1/4-inch phone jacks. The outputs are banana type, providing reliable connection to all kinds of equipment.